in industrial and commercial leasing.



  • IMAFA is a real estate company founded in 1995 by André Fortin, a chartered professional accountant and lawyer, whose mission is to offer tenants distinctive industrial, commercial and business spaces that fit their needs.
  • IMAFA owns and manages 30 industrial and commercial buildings of more than 500,000 square feet combined, strategically located along the main roadways in Lévis.
  • The company also owns more than 2,000,000 square feet of residential land in Lévis along the St. Lawrence River.

IMAFA is also a dynamic and versatile team, entirely devoted to meeting its tenants’ needs. While supporting orderly expansion, IMAFA seeks above all to serve its clients well through collaboration and engagement.

IMAFA showcases its uniqueness through its high-quality revitalization of buildings to give them a new vocation. It aims to deliberately construct buildings that are both functional and distinctive. Art is also in the DNA of this real estate company.

With 25 years of experience in real estate development, IMAFA’s team includes qualified personnel in building maintenance and management, construction planning and administrative management. IMAFA can also count on the diverse expertise of experienced partners in carrying out its real estate projects.

Through its commitment to attract businesses in a variety of fields, IMAFA brings new jobs into the region and supports the local and regional economy.

IMAFA also believes in giving back to the community, with both employees and managers contributing wholeheartedly.

NUÉE: A work of art by sculptor Jean-Pierre Morin


Find IMAFA’s latest news, such as recent acquisitions, works in progress and our managers’ and employees’ efforts in the community.